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Territory and activities

The Farmhouse The Spinoni is located in Ancarano Sotto, a few minutes from Rivergaro (Pc), a small town in the lower Val Trebbia.

The area is one of the main poles of attraction of the whole area, not only for the abundance of natural habitats and the variety of flora and fauna, but also for the numerous villages (Medieval village of Bobbio - Village of Castell'Arquato - Village of Grazzano Visconti) and castles (Rivalta Castle - Malaspina Dal Verme Castle) rich in history that testify to the strategic importance of the territory over the centuries.

Not only that, Val Trebbia is an ideal place for trekking (Path of Bagnolo, Monte Lesima, Monte Penice, Pietra Parcellara-Pietra Perduca ring), cycling tourism (Trebbia cycle path) and horseback riding, poised between the waters of the river, the woods and the hills. In winter it also offers the only ski area of the Colli Piacentini (Piani di Bobbio ski area).

During the summer, it is possible to sunbathe on the various beaches close to the waters of the Trebbia (Marsaglia, Brugnello), admire the waterfalls (Perino waterfalls) or discover the meanders of the river aboard a kayak or canoe.

For families with children, various theme parks are available (Riverpark water park, Valtrebbia Adventure Park, Travo Archaeological Park).

Borgo di Bobbio
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